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Testing Testelium Announces a New Feature: MO Testing 

SMS testing platform Testelium announced the launch of a new 2-way testing service for Testelium clients — MO testing. MO testing, or Mobile-Oriented messages testing, is testing of the sending of messages that the client sends from his phone to the system, most often with short promo numbers. The service will enable users to test […]

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Testing Testelium Analytics: SMS Marketing Delivery Analysis & Data

We did 1 million tests! Now we know how many SMS messages were not delivered by your company! Would you like to know? Main Aspects of SMS Messaging and Testelium Results Which You Should Know Testelium is a software that allows testing high Testelium is a software that allows high volumes of testing text messages […]

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Testing Benefits of A2P SMS

Over the past several years A2P SMS market has been going through rapid growth, due to its efficiency thanks to automation. More and more businesses choose this channel to connect with their customers and reach decent results. What is A2P SMS? What is A2P SMS meaning? It is an SMS generated from (A)Application (2)to (P)Person. […]

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Marketing Ways To Identify a Text Message Scam

New technologies made our lives easier, but unfortunately, they had side effects too. Fast and efficient communication gave scammers an opportunity to reach any person directly at any moment of our day. SMS text scam is as dangerous as email one, and it chases the same purpose — to steal your personal info and get […]

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News Testelium announces the launch of Number Verifier services on its testing platform

We are pleased to inform our customers about the expansion of the functionality of the Testelium platform. In addition to the main functionality of the comprehensive SMS delivery testing services, we have also implemented the functionality of the complex Number Verifier feature.  Read the overview of the feature, its capacities, and benefits in this article.  […]

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Testing How automated SMS delivery testing can scale your business communications?

SMS messages are one of the most efficient tools in the arsenal of marketing specialists all over the world. It’s a quick medium to reach out, attract new leads, or retain already existing customers, set up a seamless flow of information, and constantly stay in touch with the customer base.  According to Attentive Mobile, SMS […]

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Testing SMS Delivery Testing: How Does It Work and Why Does It Matter?

When you are setting up an SMS business, whether it’s an SMS aggregator or SMS provider, it’s important to ensure high-quality services. Usually, it means using the quality, white routes that consequently provide high SMS delivery rates. In this article, Testelium shares the main reasons why you should pay attention to a regular SMS supplier […]

Testing What Data Can You Get From an SMS Delivery Report and How Do You Use It?

Testing SMS delivery is essential for every SMS aggregator. Regular monitoring and evaluating of the quality and performance of the routes help you to ensure great customer service.  SMS testing tools like Testelium usually check the routes you are using and report if the delivery was really made, analyzing the characteristics and types of aforementioned […]

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Testing How to get the most accurate results on testing SMS routes with Testelium?

Are you doing an SMS business and focusing on providing the best customer services and getting the maximum profit from your efforts?  In this case, you can’t go without an SMS route testing tool. Tracking the quality of your routes, deliverability, and content display is crucial for any SMS service. Testelium can help you with […]

Track SMS marketing
Marketing How to Track Your SMS Marketing Campaigns with Message Analytics

SMS marketing is a powerful but often underestimated marketing channel. Through text messages, you can get a hold of a high number of customers in a shorter period of time. But truth to be told, it is just a general statement. How can you ensure that your text message goals are reached and your SMS […]