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January 12 2023
Testing Use Case
Customer interview

Virtually Everything You Need to Know About SMS Testing In One Interview

BSG is one of the biggest suppliers in the SMS industry. The company created Testelium, an independent SMS testing platform. Eugenia Vitvinova, Head of Routing at BSG, shares her long-time professional experience. Why do you need to test SMS messages? How can you ensure that you deliver messages successfully? In this interview, you will find everything […]

Olga Didenko
August 9 2022
Testing SMS Testing Tool: Two-Factor Authentication SMS Testing

Do you test your two-factor authentication (2FA) messages on a regular basis?  If your answer is “no”, you have a great opportunity to take your 2FA to a new level of efficiency and accuracy. Regular testing of one-time password (OTP) SMS messages will guarantee you a lot of benefits, like the ability  to reach out […]

Olga Didenko
July 14 2022
Testing SMS testing API: How can enterprises and SMS aggregators take advantage of it?

SMS marketing is challenging, especially if you use it as one of the main communication channels with your clients.  The challenge here is two-side: from one point of view, you need to catch the attention of your audience and connect with them; from the other, you need to ensure that your tech infrastructure is working […]

Olga Didenko
July 6 2022
Testing How to Add a Hyperlink to SMS and Test its Delivery to the Recipient

SMS marketing has a lot of potential for building long-term relationships with clients, spreading information about emergency developments or offers, and growing your brand awareness.  Though text messages show themselves better than their competitor, email, in regard to open rates, it has limited capacities, namely 160 characters per message, and the inability to use as […]

Olga Didenko
June 28 2022
Marketing How can you improve customer engagement with two-way SMS?

Using SMS channels for marketing purposes is a common practice that a lot of companies have already implemented in their work.  SMS marketing has a dozen of benefits: it has an extremely high open rate (around 98%), it can reach wide demographics, and it helps to build and support long-term relationships with customers. It is […]

Olga Didenko
June 15 2022
Testing A Short Guide on Testing SMS Delivery with Your Own Number

The Testelium platforms allow you to send test messages on your own mobile number. This way, you will be able not only to test deliverability but to check if the content goes through some unwanted changes while being processed by SMS providers. So, how can you run this test?  Step 1: Add your number to […]

Olga Didenko
June 7 2022
Testing B2B SMS Marketing: What Are the Benefits & Does it Actually Work?

Usually, SMS marketing is associated with the B2C segment, when businesses like big retail chains reach out to their customers through SMS messages. However, it might also be a powerful instrument for B2B companies as well.  B2B SMS marketing might help you with lead generation and relationship building, as well as support your other marketing […]

Olga Didenko
April 27 2022
Testing Testelium Announces a New Feature: MO Testing 

SMS testing platform Testelium announced the launch of a new 2-way testing service for Testelium clients — MO testing. MO testing, or Mobile-Oriented messages testing, is testing of the sending of messages that the client sends from his phone to the system, most often with short promo numbers. The service will enable users to test […]

Olga Didenko
April 22 2022 sms report
Testing Testelium Analytics: SMS Marketing Delivery Analysis & Data

We did 1 million tests! Now we know how many SMS messages were not delivered by your company! Would you like to know? Main Aspects of SMS Messaging and Testelium Results Which You Should Know Testelium is a software that allows testing high Testelium is a software that allows high volumes of testing text messages […]

Olga Didenko
April 5 2022 a2p messaging
Testing Benefits of A2P SMS

Over the past several years A2P SMS market has been going through rapid growth, due to its efficiency thanks to automation. More and more businesses choose this channel to connect with their customers and reach decent results. What is A2P SMS? What is A2P SMS meaning? It is an SMS generated from (A)Application (2)to (P)Person. […]

Olga Didenko