Over the past several years A2P SMS market has been going through rapid growth, due to its efficiency thanks to automation. More and more businesses choose this channel to connect with their customers and reach decent results.

What is A2P SMS?

What is A2P SMS meaning? It is an SMS generated from (A)Application (2)to (P)Person. There is a great number of examples of such messages: OTP verification codes, A2P Alerts, variable notifications, marketing campaign SMS, reminders, etc. 

How Does A2P Messaging Work?

There is a big difference between A2P SMS messaging and P2P SMS messaging. While P2P is mostly used for private messaging between common people, A2P SMS messaging gives a big variation of automating the messaging process.

By using currently invented technologies and an A2P SMS aggregator, companies can create any pattern of the message and send it as A2P bulk SMS. Each SMS can be individually customized before sending, the desired SMS route can be chosen, start date and time of any SMS campaign can be customized depending on the clients’ activity and the company’s needs. When all the parameters are chosen, you just make a click and millions of A2P SMS are sent to your customers’ database. 

Key Marketing Benefits of A2P messaging

A lot of companies choose A2P messages, thanks to the advantages they get from such a channel. Here are the main benefits of implementing A2P SMS messaging. 

Benefit 1: A2P SMS monetization and pricing

Investing in marketing projects is a kind of tricky decision. On one hand, you have a list of channels to use. And on the other hand, you have a budget to invest in. And this investment should bring to your company maximal profit.

Starting A2P SMS Service is the right choice in this case in our opinion. Many platforms, social media/networks, etc. are frequently changing rules, prices sometimes are not that good. While using A2P SMS you get a completely beneficial service at a good cost and most importantly — a proven rate of success.

Benefit 2: Automation

Any A2P SMS provider has no need to send an SMS to each client with their own hands. Some tech magic and some efforts from the IT team will give you an interface to send huge volumes of A2P SMS by making just a few moves from your side. Create a schedule, and your campaigns will be sent automatically in the desired period of time and dates.

Benefit 3: Delivery Speed

It depends on some parameters, e.g., the A2P SMS gateway, and mostly on the route that you are using. But anyway, it is the fastest channel to send the information you need right now to the client. Messages in social networks or emails can be left without attention for different periods of time. Minutes, days, weeks, who knows? Just ask yourself a question, if you had a situation in life when you received an SMS on your mobile phone and left it without any attention at all.

Benefit 4: Control

You can control not only the content of your message, schedules, triggers, text delivery reports, and so on. You can always examine the delivery rate of your A2P SMS flow. There is a perfect tool that was designed for this purpose — Testelium. The test delivery report that we provide to you always shows a real picture with plenty of useful information. You will always be sure that all SMS you sent a minute ago are properly delivered and SMS aggregator service works fine.

Test Your SMS Routes Quality with Testelium

SMS delivery testing is a very important part of the process. It helps companies to keep an eye on how good SMS are delivered exactly to the clients. And here our testing tool can help you a lot.

Testelium is a cloud-based solution designed for testing the reliability of messaging routes. You can send a test SMS through our platform along the route and receive the next SMS delivery testing results:

— whether the message was actually delivered to the mobile device (we check the actual delivery against the vendor’s report and thus identify cases of fake DLR). Also, before sending traffic to a specific route, you can check whether it works at all at a certain moment.

— whether there have been any changes to the Sender ID. This allows you to identify sim-boxes on the route (or understand how exactly a sim-box processes a message) or other vendor manipulations.

— whether there have been many changes to the content. It also allows you to identify manipulations or understand how the route handles different encodings.

—the SMS center through which the SMS was actually delivered. This, for example, lets you know if the route is actually direct.

The test SMS is sent to a mobile number from our network. These are real mobile numbers of users (live nodes). The coverage is (as of now) 1200+ networks in 200+ countries around the world. Testing SMS via the REST API method is also available for you.

Summing Up

We can definitely say that A2P SMS was and is one of the best ways to deliver information to the client. It is cheap, it is fast, it is flexible and convenient. Using A2P SMS solutions in pair with our testing tool will give you an indisputable profit and confidence that you are not wasting your budget on undelivered traffic.