Are you doing an SMS business and focusing on providing the best customer services and getting the maximum profit from your efforts? 

In this case, you can’t go without an SMS route testing tool. Tracking the quality of your routes, deliverability, and content display is crucial for any SMS service.

Testelium can help you with the goals described. 

Through our services, you can get a real insight into your SMS delivery. In this article, you can learn more about the value of Testelium and how we can help you grow. 

What is Testelium?

Testelium is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that allows SMS providers to run tests on real traffic, analyze and evaluate the quality of the delivery routes. 

The platform is fully automated, so the users need just to set up the required parameters and get detailed results of their testing SMS messaging. 

The platform provides data on the following aspects: 

— delivery reporting (if the SMS was really delivered or the fake text delivery report was sent to you);

— sender ID confirmation (if the name have changed or stayed the same);

— short message center check (what country it belongs to);

— timestamps (how long it takes to deliver your message and if there are some suspicious delays);

— content verification (if the text in your message remains in the same form as you typed it).

Why Us?

The market of SMS testing tools has a lot to offer for SMS delivery companies. Hence, there is a question: why is Testelium the best match for you? 

Here is the list of advantages that makes us stand out among other services:

Worldwide coverage: we offer SMS route testing for 190 countries and 1200 networks; whatever place you want to send message to, we can easily help you to run tests there; 

Real test numbers: the message you will send from our system, will be tested on the real mobile users located in the country you need to deliver a message;

Profound analytics and reporting: you get access to a dashboard that generated a big volume of data (we have already described what aspects we cover) and helps you to test the quality of vendors’ routes;

Automated SMS testing: your campaigns can work without your everyday involvement; just schedule them beforehand and get the results automatically;

Integration available: through our SMS verification API, you can set up testing on your own platform and benefit from convenience and usage of the same dashboard for your operations;

How to Launch Your SMS Tests with Our Platform?

Joining our SMS testing platform is quick and easy: leave us a note, and we will contact you shortly. 

SMS route testing

Your onboarding will be facilitated by our dedicated managers who will guide you through the main features of the platform. 

We would name several initial stages you will need to go through and understand the true capacities of the SMS route testing with us:

— Sign up, fill the info and create the account;

— Set up the bind;

— Set up the vendor profile you want to check;

— Create templates for your future test;

— Run a test;

— Create subaccounts for other members of your team;

— Restart the campaigns;

— Access results of the tests.

We provide detailed guides and descriptions at every stage, and you will also be able to consult with your manager regarding any questions that may arise.

How to Interpret the Results?

When you test SMS suppliers, you will be able to check the detailed results in your dashboard like this: 

SMS testing tool

There is a lot of data, and here are a few explanations that will help you understand them. 

There are only four possible results you may get: successful delivery, failed test, undeliverable message, and unroutable test.

Unroutable test means that there is no number to provide you with for the test. It happens because the numbers may go offline sometimes, but usually, they come back in a few minutes. Notice that we won’t charge you for such type of test.

Undeliverable status shows that there are might be some problems with your setting, namely with bind set up. Double-check and re-enable it. If it hasn’t helped, the issue may be located on the vendor side, and we can help you to detect it. 

Failed status means that the test is unsuccessful. However, if you see that vendor delivery is done and has a green icon on our platform, but the status of the whole test is failed, it means that fake delivery occurred. 

Successful test means the messages are correctly delivered. At the same time, you may see red icons on the columns “Sender ID” and “Content”. They indicate that the text body or Sender ID went through changes while being delivered. Our platform shows you the initial message and the message that was delivered eventually, and you can compare them and detect the difference. 

5 tips on What to Keep in Mind to Get the Accurate Results

Testelium is a great service to conduct an SMS supplier check. You will get a time-proven system that provides unbiased information that can be a ground for evaluating your vendors and improving the quality of your services. 

But you can also use these simple principles that will guarantee great accuracy of your testing SMS message sending. 

Choose the content of test messages wisely

Never indicate in the content of test messages that it is actually a test! Your vendor may see it and whitelist the testing numbers. In this case, while you will get the perfect results on testing campaigns, the actual delivery may have significantly lower quality.

Run tests at different time

Your goal is to hide the testing numbers, so the vendor will handle them as any other messages. Triggering test texting campaigns at the same time may look suspicious, and vendors will decide to whitelist these numbers. 

Double-check the setting

Bind setup is essential for correctly running testing. If you have any doubts, feel free to double-check the settings, reset them or contact our support for guidance.

Don’t use suspicious content for testing

Usually, SMS providers block suspicious SMS content like SMS text scams, spam, or other unpleasant types of messages.

Stay stable even if you detected an issue

When you suspect a problem with the route, don’t increase the number of tests on it. Again, it will show the vendor that you are testing them, and most likely to add numbers to whitelist and devalue your efforts.

On a Final Note

SMS testing platform Testelium is a perfect tool to check the quality of SMS delivery. To start your cooperation with Testelium is pretty easy. Sign up on this page. As soon as your account will be registered, our manager will contact and help you go through setting up. This way, you will be able to leverage our Testelium’s benefits to improve your business.

Investing in an SMS testing platform will definitely pay off and improve your delivery rates. 

Testelium can fully cover your needs in route checking and provide convenient, intuitive software that would bring your services to a new level. 

Contact our manager and let us help you grow!