Seamless integration

Integrate with your system via the SMPP protocol, using the REST API method.
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  • Secure API
    Our API is non-invasive, extremely safe & secure to use.
  • 24h support
    Free expert support for implementing and running.
  • No functionality limits
    No functionality limits enables you to check the test results directly on your platform.

Rest API

API integration gives you the ability to run tests without leaving the familiar interface of your platform. 
In this case, you can not only run tests here and now, but also automate them. The advantages of this type 
of connection:
  • Comfort
    Ability to conduct tests without leaving the familiar interface of your platform and use test data to route your bulk SMS.
  • Full control
    Your SMPP and SS7 channels remain under your complete control, because all data is stored in your system and their security depends only on the security of your system.
  • Automation
    You can plan your need for tests in advance and flexibly configure the conditions under which tests will be launched automatically. Having created triggers once, you will always have all the necessary data from Testelium for in-depth analysis and optimization of your communications.
  • See rest api documentation


Testelium connects directly to the SMPP server and you can schedule and send test messages from our user interface. The advantages of this connection type:
Set up speed

Using the SMPP protocol, you can send your first tests using Testelium right away.


All passwords for SMPP connections will be encrypted on the Testelium side and stored without the risk of leakage.

Multiple SMPP binds

Create multiple connections between Testelium and your server using a unique username and password for each.


Usage the simplest, most reliable and understandable type of connection that will allow you to quickly run effective SMS testing.

Choosing the perfect Test Solution

Testelium easily connects to your platform via SMPP protocol. We use the REST API method for integration directly with your system. So, conduct tests through your Testelium account or via API from the admin panel of your platform. Our specialists carry out the connection to your platform for free. With Testelium you can send test SMS with custom UDH settings and understand which UDH delivers correctly by decoding raw PDU data.
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  • What is Testelium?
    Testelium is a cloud solution for checking the quality of SMS routes.
  • Who needs our service?
    Made for SMS aggregators (companies that send bulk SMS) and mobile operators with the call for bulk SMS verification and routes quality test.
  • How does it work?
    You may use it in both ways.

    First one: Testelium is an SMS verification service API that can be easily integrated into your system. You are able to run the whole process on your own from your own platform.

    Second one: work with our platform, using your own login and password. Either way, choose the necessary parameters: vendors, SMSC, sender ID or message text, destination, country and networks, number of executions etc, fill in the form, run the test and make a decision depending on results. It doesn’t mean you are going to be left alone. Our 24/7 professional support team will be ready to give you a hand anytime you need it.
  • What can we offer?
    Full automation, user-friendly interface, simple and secure API, flexible configuration, detailed report, 24/7 support, and the most affordable prices.
  • What forms of payment are available?
    PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, etc.
  • What’s the coverage?
    We’ve created our own live node community that keeps growing every single minute. The number of users is steadily increasing and we are constantly adding new countries. You may check out the current coverage here.

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