Rest API documentation

Rest API

API integration will allow you to run tests without leaving the familiar interface of your platform. In this case, you will not only be able to run tests in real-time but automate them as well.

Rest API documentation


You can plan your need for testing in advance and have the flexibility to configure the conditions under which these tests will be launched automatically.


You will be able to conduct tests without leaving the familiar interface of your platform and use test data to route your bulk SMS messages.

Full control

No more SIM boxes. We’ve created our mobile testing platform with a live node community that keeps growing every single minute!


Testelium connects directly to the SMPP server so you can schedule and send test messages from our user interface.

SMPP documentation


All passwords for SMPP connections will be encrypted on the Testelium side and stored without the risk of leakage.

Setup speed

By using the SMPP protocol, you will be able to send your first tests with Testelium right away.

Multiple SMPP binds

Create multiple connections between Testelium and your server by using a unique username and password for each server.