SMS testing platform Testelium announced the launch of a new 2-way testing service for Testelium clients — MO testing. MO testing, or Mobile-Oriented messages testing, is testing of the sending of messages that the client sends from his phone to the system, most often with short promo numbers. The service will enable users to test outgoing SMS to virtual and real phone numbers via the Testelium Console.

MO messaging is connected with MT SMS, which means mobile-terminated messages. So, as you can guess, MO & MT testing implies two-way SMS testing. 

When running common testing through our system, When running common testing through our system, we provide you with a network with our live numbers. You send a test SMS and get a report about how efficiently it was delivered to the end client in the selected country.

During MO testing, we also access a network of our live numbers, but with different coverage. One of the provided numbers will send a test SMS to your number, and you will receive an SMS delivery report about if it was delivered to you and in what form.

Let’s contemplate this with a simple example. 

A retail store wants to inform its customers about a discount on Spring collections.

Step 1: They send an SMS to all customers in the database:

“Hey guys, -50% on Spring collections today! Send SMS to the number: 11111, type word: Spring2022 and visit us to get your cloth with a discount :)”

Here common testing can be used to see how well this marketing SMS reaches all the customers in the database.

Step 2: A customer sends an SMS to your number Spring2022 to get his discount. 

Here MO testing can be used to see if the incoming SMS traffic to your number works well.

Testelium’s MO solution is provided for a range of countries that we cover, and it’s still increasing, moreover, we can add any destination by your request. For Enterprises and SMS Aggregators, the solution offers a developer-friendly platform that they can use to manage their SMS messaging communications. We also offer SMS testing API integration for you to be able to use the tool within your bulk SMS provider platform.

If you have more questions about how it works or any other — please contact our representative for more information.