The Testelium platforms allow you to send test messages on your own mobile number. This way, you will be able not only to test deliverability but to check if the content goes through some unwanted changes while being processed by SMS providers.

So, how can you run this test? 

Step 1: Add your number to the tab “Numbers” in “Settings”.

Step 2: Create a test message on your number

Step 3: Choose the parameters (select number, template, vendor) and add text.

Step 4: Check the box and execute a test.

As a result, we see the test result, as well as an SMS message on your mobile phone. 

Here, you will need to check the following parameters:

  • status delivery: is the message delivered successfully? 
  • fake delivery: is the message not delivered to the end-point recipient, but the provider marks it as delivered?
  • delay: how much time your provider needs to deliver a message?
  • DVC DLR: do you receive a report from a mobile device with data and timestamp?
  • сontent & sender ID: have they gone through any changes while being processed by a provider or remained the same?

Testelium provides the maximal world coverage you might need to succeed with your SMS activities. We enable SMS delivery testing in more than 190 countries on more than 300 operators.