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Jane is passionate about bringing the importance and value of what we do and what we believe to Testelium clients. As a marketer, she is responsible for our market representation and communication as a testing expert.
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September 14 2021 What is SMS testing and how does it work?
Marketing SaaS Software for Telecommunication: Benefits for Your Business

SaaS (Software as a Service) is also meant as software for telecommunication you may rent or as a service for remote access to software, applications, sites, databases or file storage, etc. It is an innovative technology in Telecommunications that provides a wide area of business opportunities. Which ones? Let’s find that out. SaaS is most […]

Ganna Shevchenko
September 10 2021 how to engage customers
Marketing How to Track Your SMS Marketing Campaigns with Message Analytics

SMS message tracking: what is it and why should you track your SMS campaigns? SMS marketing is a powerful but often underestimated marketing channel. Through text messages, you can get a hold of a high number of customers in a shorter period of time. But truth to be told, it is just a general statement. […]

Ganna Shevchenko
Benefits of SMS marketing
Marketing How to Use SMS Gateway & Test SMS Effectively?

SMS portal is an interface that allows you to send and receive SMS messages without actually using a mobile phone. This converts SMS messages into e-mail messages or HTTP requests and vice versa. SMS Gateways are successfully used in Telecom for massive SMS messaging & SMS tests.  In the case you need to organize effective […]

Ganna Shevchenko
July 6 2021 International SMS testing service
Marketing  11 Ways to Spot an SMS Scam & What to do About it

New technologies made our lives easier, but unfortunately, they had side effects too. Fast and efficient communication gave scammers an opportunity to reach any person directly at any moment of our day. SMS text scam is as dangerous as email one, and it chases the same purpose — to steal your personal info and get […]

Ganna Shevchenko
August 13 2021 Engaging customers with SMS
Marketing Using SMS messaging to keep your customers engaged: what are the secrets?

In a world overflown with info, it becomes harder and harder for brands to stand out. The ad appears anywhere nowadays, both in offline and online worlds, so how your ads can be the ones that drive the focus of your clients and ask them to interact with you and proceed to order or purchases?  […]

Ganna Shevchenko
April 9 2021 Testelium Quarter 1 report
News Improvements in the first quarter of 2021 | Testelium report

We promised not to stand still, constantly develop and improve the Testelium service – so here is a small report of the best improvements in functionality of our SMS testing tool.During the last three months we have tried to follow your needs and do our work better, so that your business developed. Added repeat test button […]

Ganna Shevchenko
April 20 2021 Benefits of SMS marketing
Marketing The Key Benefits of SMS Marketing — Advantages of SMS

Marketing tools allow us to reach our customers through different media and with different messages. Paid ads, newsletters, content marketing are used for various purposes. To choose the most appropriate tool you need to know your audience — their needs, wants, and interests. Testelium believes that SMS is a powerful medium to connect with your […]

Ganna Shevchenko
May 7 2021 Improving your SMS campaign results
Marketing 8 A/B Testing Text Message Ideas to Improve SMS Results

How to test SMS effectively? A/ B testing is the way to get rid of controversy, define what works best in your emails/SMS, etc. If you’re trying to figure out, test your SMS texts to improve results, let’s look at eight simple text ideas to get you started with the testing faster. But before establishing a strategy, you […]

Ganna Shevchenko