We promised not to stand still, constantly develop and improve the Testelium service – so here is a small report of the best improvements in functionality of our SMS testing tool.
During the last three months we have tried to follow your needs and do our work better, so that your business developed.

  • Added repeat test button on SMS Test Results page, with editing of test parameters
  • Added Test execution warning after create Collection test
  • Collections sort alphabetically
  • Added Zendesk customer support on APP and Web-site
  • Added ability to edit created test
  • New filter by Sender ID to results page
  • User can download PDF invoice, with Private plan
  • New functionality page. “Collections”
  • New navigation menu
  • Implemented search by MCC and MCC-MNC when creating a test
  • Changes in Sender ID expended input to 255 characters
  • Added the ability: set a limit, for sub accounts, on the number of tests
  • Added Trial account’s options
  • Added balance for test \ overall balance
  • Transferring projects to new servers!
  • Loader rework
  • Added the “Proxy tests” page on the client side of the site
  • Added loader to the Transactions tab
  • Added Sender ID – when creating a test

The full improvement and bug report you may see on the Testelium versions page.

The result of our joint work was that our NPS rating rose to 52, while the average customer satisfaction score of 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.
This is all thanks to you, our dear customers! Thank you for your trust, loyalty and openness! We will continue to do our best to meet your expectations and make our work better!