We are pleased to inform our customers about the expansion of the functionality of the Testelium platform. In addition to the main functionality of the comprehensive SMS delivery testing services, we have also implemented the functionality of the complex Number Verifier feature. 

Read the overview of the feature, its capacities, and benefits in this article. 

What is a Number Verifier? 

It’s a new feature introduced by the Testelium platform that makes it possible to check the status of any GSM cell phone number. Through this service, you will be able to determine whether the number is valid, whether it’s currently active in a mobile network, whether it was ported from another network, and whether it is roaming.

Why Do You Need a Number Verifier Feature?

Checking the relevance of enterprise customer databases in real-time around the world allows the company to optimize the cost of providing communications with customers. As a result of the constant update of the number database, the company will pay for the delivery of SMS only to real available numbers, excluding the possibility of poor-quality delivery and inflated costs for undelivered SMS. In addition, the company can be sure that the information was received by the client in a timely manner and in full, which is extremely important for the image of any business.

The Advantages of Number Verifier Feature with Testelium

To bring you a superior experience with our platform, we fought to deliver the best quality. With our new feature, you will benefit from:

— clear and relevant mobile number database, as invalid and deactivated numbers, will be identified and removed. As a result, the SMS will be sent only to valid numbers, and it will be possible to costs on SMS campaigns;

— enhanced marketing functions of the company by allowing to target an up-to-date database of customers, clients, alumni, or members;

— improved revenue margins and broader service coverage;

— better service for subscribers while roaming;

— traffic and routing optimization for VOIP, SMS, and voice calls by determining a subscriber’s home network;

— reduced mobile number probability issues and interworking fees;

— improved accuracy of network billing by identifying the network a mobile number currently belongs to;

— real-time network information, including whether the number was ported;

— facilitated troubleshooting the issues that arose during SMS delivery;

— a better comprehension of whether the numbers are invalid, experiencing temporary problems, and detection of switched-off handsets.

To Sum It Up

Number Verifier is the new, additional feature that will enhance the qualities of your SMS services, and hence, induce the reliability and efficiency of your delivery. Enable it now and enter the new era of SMS testing! Contact our managers to learn details.