Marketing tools allow us to reach our customers through different media and with different messages. Paid ads, newsletters, content marketing are used for various purposes. To choose the most appropriate tool you need to know your audience — their needs, wants, and interests. Testelium believes that SMS is a powerful medium to connect with your customers, and the benefits of SMS marketing can strengthen your strategy. We suggest using our bulk SMS tests to gain the greatest result. 

And here are some advantages of text messaging in communication that will persuade you to add SMS to marketing activities.

The strength of mobile works for you

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t own a smartphone nowadays, and that’s why texting is important enough to consider in your strategy. Use it and reach your customers through the tool they use every day. Mass texts help you if you are aiming for a wide coverage of all age groups. And your interaction happens immediately: you don’t need to wait for an algorithm to show your message to your audience like it’s with paid ads. Users tend to open text messages as soon as they receive them, so it might be beneficial for you if you have a deadline for your ad delivery.

Guarantee of reaching the audience

If you’ve ever worked email marketing, you know that open rate is crucial to measure your efficiency. You are in the constant battle of creating a catchy headline and persuading your customers to read your newsletter. But the good news about messages is that their open rate is 98%, according to Dynmark report. And that is one of the good things about texting: you need less time to generate your message, and it will definitely hit the target. Such great results might be driven because users trust messages more than email-newsletter, which are highly associated with junk and spam.

Efficient work with a small budget

SMS marketing is a great decision for a small amount of money. Message delivery doesn’t require a lot of money especially if to send them in bulk. With special platforms, you are able to brand your messages and adjust your packages. Generally, you have full control over your SMS campaign while gaining great results for a limited budget. By the way, Testelium offers you a Sender ID test to check its realness. We’ve also put together 16 awesome sms marketing campaign ideas, don’t fortget to check them out!

Customers have a choice

Have you ever faced obnoxious ads? People usually hate to see the same thing all over again, while not having the choice to decline it. Text messaging is a good and delicate way to advertise to the audience: SMS gives a way out for customers if they don’t want to receive your messages. And don’t forget about shortcodes: you can provide customers with options on how to interact with you. What do you get from this? Firstly, while giving choice, you show respect to your audience, and it always raises loyalty. Secondly, you encourage engagement and improve your statistics. And Testelium gives you a choice with SMS verification API: you can run the required test on your platform and automate them.

In conclusion

Like with any other tool, there are both advantages and disadvantages of text messaging. But SMS is an easy and convenient way to upgrade your marketing, receive great results, and connect with your audience. Use the pros of texting in your best interest, and Testelium is ready to provide you with efficient SMS-testing: run bulk SMS tests or Sender ID test and use our API solutions!