In search of popular advertising methods, entrepreneurs often forget about SMS sale messages. They shouldn’t, though. This tool is a universal solution for both large companies and small businesses. The Testelium SMS testing team has prepared a short overview of SMS marketing ideas that allow improving the quality of cooperation with customers via SMS. Here we go.

Top 16 ideas for texting

Many companies are turning to SMS marketing, putting huge sums of money into consulting to find out a perfect formula to promote their services. In the midst of all this hype, try to look through some simple ideas for free that may be a brilliant solution for your business instead. 

1. Sales campaigns

Using shortcode texting for advertising campaigns is a classy method to attract more folks to your brand. 99% of research results indicate that messaging is an extremely effective tool for increasing sales. After all, 90% of recipients read their SMS within just three minutes!

2. Marketing SMS campaigns

Marketing campaigns using SMS are extremely beneficial.  Every marketer nowadays is familiar with the different ways to get the public seriously thinking about buying. There is no unequivocal opinion about the number of reach outs, but it is obvious that the success of the campaign is all about a complex approach. 

For example, combine the power of SMS blast with email marketing. By sending information via SMS & e-mail, you can observe the process of human interaction through various communication channels. As a result, a complete picture of effectiveness & influence will open, and you will be able to choose the most suitable one to go on.

3. Orders via SMS

Most companies, like Starbucks, allow customers to make mobile payments using apps. But there are those who give users an opportunity to experience the benefits of mobile SMS marketing for even placing an order.

Indeed, in the case of a direct order, it is much easier for the customer to indicate the product code in SMS than to fill out endless forms on the web site. SMS messaging is another way to simplify this customer service.

4. Discount coupons 

Creating discount coupons is a headache. This is especially true for websites that offer their customers promotional codes with the ability to further receive discounts on services and products.

Why make a person subscribe to an email newsletter to get the discount you want? Why not offer it directly through SMS? It will be cool things to do with text messaging. Making a gift card, for example, and sending it via SMS will be an excellent method to update a client database for both future emails & messages.

5. Gifts

In the case you want to send some gifts or congratulations somewhere and do not want/need to do that in private, you may also prepare a surprise via SMS. A virtual gift card sent by SMS is one of the freshest SMS campaign ideas. With its help, the client will appreciate your attention wherever he/she is.

6. New product promotion

Imagine that you are launching a new product line and you need to quickly communicate about it. Bulk SMS is a great way to do this. Make your SMS content for marketing engaging and you will get:

  • Speed
  • Scale
  • High level of open rate
  • Follow ups 
  • Personalization of communication, and not only

Depending on the types of SMS marketing texts you will vary better, A/B test faster and get the ultimate sales and business results.

7. Verification 

Are your customers concerned about the security & data storage? SMS verification will reliably protect against unauthorized entry or leakage. The two factor verification doesn’t sound particularly appealing yet, but it is something that people will increasingly aspire to in the future. Often companies use SMS, voice and missed calls as phone number verification. It is an effective method to build a customer base with 100% real, verified numbers only. Mind that fact.

8. Warnings

Your customers will be able to receive emails as special SMS messages if needed. Thus, by allowing users to receive their notifications (which are also dubbed by email) in the form of an SMS message, you increase their awareness of lots of processes.

9. Reminders

The main trouble that prevents medical organizations and all commercial structures that build their schedule on the basis of an appointment from effective work is not showing up of people scheduled for appointments. SMS reminders will be a good tool to keep them responsible, and your organization – protected from the time & staff management breaches.

Time is money. Therefore, effective SMS marketing is the best way to save money: organize constant feedback with customers so that they do not waste time and efficiently plan your work schedule.

10. Customer support

Customer support service via SMS is the future of SMS marketing. It sounds strange, because in most cases, phone calls are used for this. In the US, for example, only 7% of companies use bulk messaging for fast and top-notch quality customer support.

11. Free polls

Data processing via SMS may not seem like a good idea. However, this is a really good way to research the market in a short time. Many providers nowadays create surveys this way which does not require additional resources to register and analyze responses.

12. Staff recruitment

Research shows that 90% of recruitment agencies are happy with the results they get with SMS notifications. 

Sudden phone calls from unknown numbers, which, in most cases, will not be answered, are all in the past. The situation is certainly changing, social networks and LinkedIn have a positive effect on this process. Nevertheless, among all the techniques, there is still a leadenih place for SMS messaging: “90% of recruiting companies claim that SMS mailing was the key to their success.”

13. HR

HR communication is a more efficient SMS. SMS makes communication easier by making it faster and less formal. And the brevity of the message will be an advantage for the HR consultant. Secondly, text messages have worked in the past as an automation of the process of forming and adjusting appointments.

14. Tracking items

It has become the norm for Amazon and Argos brands, for example, and other delivery companies to use text blast samples to follow the order delivery process. In most cases, this is done via SMS. Thus, you can reduce costs due to lost / mistakenly delivered goods.

15. Air service and hotel check-in

From now on, using SMS, your customers will be able not only to register or book a room, but also to request information about the details of the arrival, departure of the aircraft, indicating only the flight time and the number in the text of the message. In return, they will receive the information they need about the flight, its delay or cancellation. The service will be useful for those who are often on the road.

16. Important information 

The problem of modern communication on the Internet is the abundance of spam. Sadly, SMS lovers were also involved. After all, here you can also receive unwanted messages of a strange nature. But for the most part, SMS messaging has retained its reputation of reliability.


In the case you need to learn more about the possibilities of SMS messaging in advertising via text messaging within your industry or business, the information below will give you a hint. There are many brilliant ideas on how to use SMS and text the content effectively to launch your marketing campaigns and get positive results for the company. Testelium offers you a series of automated tests that will be useful for various fields of activity. Have a try!