The Internet nowadays is the main promotion resource that pushes sales and so much more. Sending out sale messages, marketing, and other via SMS manually is a considerable waste of time and resources. This is where SMS messaging & testing services come to the rescue. If you are allowed to use them globally – you have everything for your business to kick-off. Why choose Testelium as your international service in SMS messaging today? Let’s find it out.

Which business segments need quality SMS services globally?

Which business segments especially need SMS testing? The answer will be – any. The truth is that to grow your business and expand it all over the world via SMS messaging services, you should be able to test the quality of your mass SMS campaigns globally, as well. That is why there are platforms that are designed with the user in mind and takes into account all possible business objectives beyond him/her. Now, to test your content quality, the Internet connection is enough to cross the borders.

SMS is a universal tool suitable for various business sectors: Telecom, beauty industry, healthcare and fitness centers, delivery, marketing, auto and service stations, online stores and so on. SMS messages are universal and suitable for any business.

To increase the customer loyalty and the average bill price, it is necessary to inform customers about your offers, promotions and opportunities. And SMS messaging is the fastest and the most effective way to achieve results with minimal costs. To test SMS is another requirement. Quality means approved content and precise delivery time. It provides a great mobile SMS marketing business opportunity on an international area and a competitive advantage.

Test your special SMS messages

With a proven international SMS testing service, you can handle checkouts of any mass messaging campaigns from any corner of the world, fast & cheap. Today, modern SMS tests allow checking any message type with any content. What types of SMS exist:

  • informational (informing clients about company news and events)
  • service (confirmation of customer actions, notification of order status)
  • transactional (confirmation of payment)
  • promotional (informing about profitable offers in order to increase the number of orders and the amount of the average check)
  • congratulatory (congratulations on personal and public holidays, gifts in the form of special profitable offers aimed at increasing customer loyalty).

Among the variety of messages the best possible variant will always be that tested and approved via international SMS testing platform

Why SMS tests platform is something to watch for globally?

SMS services still offer many different filters and settings, where it is possible to select a time zone, operator, sender ID, etc. Pricing on services depends on the number of SMS sent, the amount of top-up balance, SMS tests, the choice of the channel for sending, etc. 

It is essential to look for a service that guarantees smooth and flawless work and is always as clear and accessible to use as possible. The main sections of personal accounts should contain a detailed description of the service and steps to test messaging, and the entire user data needed for easy functioning and fast positive results.

Benefits to look for

As you see there’s much food for thought while choosing among the features from the best services that matches your business needs most of all. The advantageous international SMS test service always will strive to include the following fefatures:

  • 24/7 technical support;
  • Quick contract online (10-20 minutes);
  • Easy integration with various CRM and wesites;
  • Large database of scripts that run on different resources;
  •  Identification of the subscriber by region, operator and dispatch according to the time zone;
  • Ability to configure time delayed SMS;
  •  No need to download and install programs;
  • With tariffs for a monthly fee;
  •  With a possibility to send messages to the CIS countries;
  • Detailed reports on SMS projects, as well as convenient document flow;
  •  Notifications of receipt of shipments by customers, etc.

Also, feel free to familiarize with a list of functions that each SMS service should especially include while working for an international market in order to increase its efficiency for your business:

1. Convenient price scale 

It goes without saying that the price scale should be diverse. This will allow you to choose a suitable tariff and not be afraid of pitfalls;

2. The ability to quickly sign an agreement;

Of course, transparency in document flow and the possibility to agree on legal terms will be a priority for the international clients. This is also a matter of trust & reputation. 

3. Integration with various systems and sites;

Again, be it your platform, CRM like 1C-Bitrix and/or Bitrix24, or any other website, SMS testing services should be compatible and easy to run.

4. Competent technical support to get an answer to an urgent question;

All year round, day & night, a robust support is a must for an international player.  Try it competence and speed of work.

5. No more than an hour moderation;

Fast response and reliability are important characteristics for such quick tool as SMS.  SMS tests in less than a second will be especially on point during mass campaigns. Instant moderation to send the newsletter immediately after creation, but not sometime on Monday is a flashing beacon.

6. Variety of options

Several messaging options in one tariff plan, to send messages through different channels as per one contact base, etc. – the sky’s the limit.

7. Ability to test the service 

You grow when you learn. To study in the work process and evaluate the work for getting better results next time, A/B tests and so much more – get it all-in-one with a trusted international testing platform


Sending out sales messages for marketing and other industries via SMS manually is a considerable waste of time. Let SMS messaging & testing services come to the rescue. If you are allowed to use them globally, you have everything for your business to kick-off. Why choose Testelium as your international service in SMS messaging today?  You are welcome to use it because it is a reliable partner with a wide coverage and affordable prices. Have a try!