How do you support your customer pool? A lot of businesses are focused on expanding on the market and attracting new buyers, but there is a good chance to increase your profit by winning lost customers back. Loyal customers may not only make regular purchase or reservations, but also become your brand’s advocates.

Text messages help you to connect to your long-time customers or reach out to those who lost contact with you. SMS route is a quick and efficient way to communicate with the audience, and it also has a high-level efficiency and great open rate. Testelium prepared some ideas on winback marketing through SMS. Feel free to test them!

Special offers and discounts

How to reconnect with the customers who seem to forget about your business? Offer them a discount. It always motivates people to consider a purchase, and as text messages are a direct line to the customer, it also set a feeling of urgency. So if you’re thinking about bringing customers back, send them a promo code to gently get their attention. 

And to increase customer lifetime value, you can experiment with special offers or customer clubs to keep them close to you. Combine different channels: email, social media, paid ads with SMS, but overdo it as well: no one likes intrusive advertising. 

Benefit for the customer

The best way to win the customers back is to provide them with useful information. Don’t turn your strategy into pure selling, because it will only annoy your customers. You can take advantage of the text’s perks — brevity and time targeting. 

Everyone is used for helpful education content on blogs or social media posts, but SMS messages are perfect for short tips, alerts or notices. You can notify your audience about expertise connected to your product or share news about public life. It’s especially useful during pandemics, while the restrictions change constantly and affect our everyday life. And to make sure that your message come in the right time, check the delay and detect SMS timestamps with our tools.

Think about what info you want to receive through texts — something important, urgent and foreground. 

Personal approach 

It’s never a good idea to send the same generic message to your whole audience. Nowadays, you have enough sources for creating different segments and contacting them with different ideas, appropriated for their respective needs and wishes. 

Your customer win back strategy would have a maximum result if you consider all previous points of contact with a person and prepare a message accordingly. For example, if the customer is interested in a specific type of product, it might be a good idea to send them a newsletter about discounts on it.

Add your customer name, congratulate them on their birthdays and holidays, celebrate your common anniversaries (for example, one year of being a part of the customer club).

Customer care

It’s connected to the previous points — you always need to think about the customer first and make their interest your first priority. If they’re can’t read and understand your messages, they most likely won’t want to figure it out — they forget and move on. You need to catch their attention and make this process effortless. 

Take care of your customers even in something so small as a single SMS message, and don’t demand any credit for that — it’s a part of quality customer service. Keep your messages clear and understandable, use emojis and simple sentences, and your customers will appreciate it. 

Feedback exchange

Asking for feedback always gives you in-depth insights into your customer service. Doing it through the message increases the accuracy of the survey — it might be easier for people to share their thoughts and complaints virtually. But you need to be sure that the message reached the receiver, and our SMS verification API makes this task much easier. 

Apart from gathering valuable info for your company’s development, it’s a great way to manage the cases of negative experiences with your brand. For example, a customer receives a defective good. He or she is angry and has a strong urge to leave a bad review or post on social media. When you contact them in advance, after the purchase or delivery, you give them an output for their displeasure, especially if you apologize and make amends, for example, offer the discount or make a refund. It will definitely guarantee you a customer winback.

Final thought

SMS gives us innovative ways to connect with customers and establish a nice relationship. They definitely differ from other channels we are so used to, but text messages have their advantages to improve your marketing strategy. Use SMS for reminding the customers about you and try to be their friend — and they would love to stay in contact with you.