Testelium is an Automated SMS Testing Platform

That provides fast, easy, secure & effective SMS testing globally. Our mobile testing platform delivers bulk SMS tests on real test numbers for you to make sure your suppliers give you only the best services they can!
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Our SaaS Concept

We leverage an extensive network of nodes and expand our coverage with real numbers that are regularly updated to guarantee seamless SMS testing. We can assist with real bulk SMS tests on real numbers to report on your messaging campaign potentials. With us, you are always sure that your messages are delivered by the operators timely and quality through SMS tests, thus minimising your business risks.

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Our international SMS testing tool is fast, easy, time & money saving. Having worldwide coverage, it may be used from any corner of the world easily for your text message check. By providing reliable international test numbers, we make sure your checkups run fast and smoothly. Look through the map to make sure you’re covered
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Stay Data-Driven by Analyzing Reports

Make sure that there were no message delays
Ven DLV:
Here, you may check your sms test launch time & date
Ven DLR:
Allows status check on Fake DLRs, if any
See if your test SMS content was approved
Check if your SENDER ID is being verified
Press More if you need to get a more detailed SMS test report

How can I test my text messaging? Our benefits

Real Delivery Test:

Every message counts. Providing only the best quality SMS solutions to clients ASAP is our professional credo. Start automated SMS testing via real delivery, including roaming test, check destination, follow the delay, verify sender ID.

Proven system:

Safe & fast fully automated testing system is a core of Testelium software. Schedule tests and receive e-mail notifications. Add, delete, make changes, feel free to enjoy and benefit.

Friendly interface:

Web-interface makes the interaction process fast & effective. Plain, easy to understand and navigate – it takes minutes to learn.

Great Analytics:

Online change tracking, analysis, and reports are allowed – complete itemized statistics on every SMS. Stay in control & total clarity of your delivery campaign.

Competitive prices:

The most favourable offers are all here. Check our best price/quality ratios. Get only fair offers & ability to customize if needed.

Huge difference

No more SIM-boxes. We’ve created our mobile testing platform with a live node community that keeps growing every single minute!

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Build your tests fast & easy
  • Realtime multiple tests allowed
  • Global coverage
  • In-depth analysis and so much more


Simple account management, great coverage, safety and availability for testing text messaging via SMS in a variety of industries make us a reliable partner for the top leaders all over the globe
MontyMobile have been using Testelium for the last year, and we are delighted to recommend it as one of the best testing services, given their continuous efforts to fulfil their promise of a professional and well-managed service. We appreciate their proactive and helpful support team who are always available to answer our inquiries and discuss our business needs.
Ali Sabbagh

Technical Operations Manager - MontyMobile

We have been working with Testelium since the very beginning, and we could not be happier with the decision of moving to their platform: Global coverage, detailed reports, easy to use and very intuitive interface, accurate results and an excellent support team.  Thanks to Testelium, we can be sure we are offering our clients routes that will meet their quality standards. If you are looking for a testing tool, Testelium will be your perfect partner.

Routing Officer - NRS Group

Testelium is a user-friendly, advanced SMS testing tool that helped us improve the quality of our SMS services by testing our providers’ routes quality accurately and on the fly. The quality improvement had a direct effect on the business since it allowed us to increase our revenues and profitability. It also improved our credibility with our customers.On the other hand, it’s one of the best platforms in the market, considering its quality to price ratio.We do recommend the platform for any company looking for an affordable, high-quality SMS testing solution.
Gilbert Abboud

Operations Manager - NGN Group

Have Questions? Look Here
  • What is Testelium?
    Testelium is a cloud solution for checking the quality of SMS routes.
  • Who needs our service?
    Made for SMS aggregators (companies that send bulk SMS) and mobile operators with the call for bulk SMS verification and routes quality test.
  • How does it work?
    You may use it in both ways.

    First one: Testelium is an SMS verification service API that can be easily integrated into your system. You are able to run the whole process on your own from your own platform.

    Second one: work with our platform, using your own login and password. Either way, choose the necessary parameters: vendors, SMSC, sender ID or message text, destination, country and networks, number of executions etc, fill in the form, run the test and make a decision depending on results. It doesn’t mean you are going to be left alone. Our 24/7 professional support team will be ready to give you a hand anytime you need it.
  • What can we offer?
    Full automation, user-friendly interface, simple and secure API, flexible configuration, detailed report, 24/7 support, and the most affordable prices.
  • What forms of payment are available?
    PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer, etc.
  • What’s the coverage?
    We’ve created our own live node community that keeps growing every single minute. The number of users is steadily increasing and we are constantly adding new countries. You may check out the current coverage here.

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